The Frequency · Live Music Venue · Madison, Wisconsin

Doors at 7:30pm, Show at 8pm

SENSIBLE SOUNDWAVE presents PERSPECTIVE HEIGHTS w/ Kaahele & Spare Change Trio

July 1 @ 8:00 PM · $5 / $8 under 21 - ID REQUIRED FOR ENTRY. Ages: 18+

SENSIBLE SOUNDWAVE presents PERSPECTIVE HEIGHTS w/ Kaahele & Spare Change Trio

PERSPECTIVE HEIGHTS (Funk-Folk-Jam Rock-Reggae from Milwaukee)


Perspective Heights was formed on Milwaukee's Eastside in 2011. They evolved from an acoustic trio into a seven piece jam machine, delivering good vibes to listeners throughout the Midwest. The energy produced from their music has been known to make people sway like seaweed in the ocean current. Their original reggae-infused style evokes emotions in listeners likened only to rolling down your windows and blasting Sublime on the first day of summer. The atmosphere this creates can be described as loose and energetic with a sharp edge. Wailing souls like Bradley Nowell and Bob Marley have had a profound influence on the band, and their presence can be felt deeply rooted in the music. Perspective Heights is blessed with talent and the wisdom not to abuse it. So close your eyes, light a spliff, and adjust your PH levels to the vibes that they’re providing.



Kaahele is a fresh musical soup/salad combo to awaken and stimulate your spirit and mind, senses and tastebuds, and their childlike wonderment, which becomes largely forgotten once we settle into the world and become comfortable, maybe too comfortable.

Kaahele uses her experience of world travel and connection with the living earth to concieve a musical expression. Reaching to the much like a colorful and vibration neon high-five extending heights of human potential.

Lets work together. Lets remember where we live. Earth, and you gotta take care of your home, right?

oh and we can have fun doing it.

Kaahele is a Hawaiian word for “Journey” and the musical name of Kelly Hyde. Her lyrics are clever, uplifting, and comical-bringing awareness and at the same time making light of the human situation. Her music covers an array of folk, reggae, bluegrass, and her own special flavor. Kaahele speaks to the separation between the modern and natural world. She represents nomadic culture, holding respect for native people, and reaching out to those who could use a fresh point of view. Her songs are full of food for thought, and her melodies are soothing and creative.

SPARE CHANGE TRIO (Roots rock/reggae from Milwaukee)


Peaceful energy is at the heart of Spare Change Trio's music. Since joining forces they have created a unique sound by crossing genres and embracing the exceptional from mentors such as John Butler Trio, Sublime, and CCR. SC3 radiates the party atmosphere of the Caribbean beach with tight drums and energizing bass lines,. Their iconic rock drive steers the musical journey with awe-inspiring guitar jams and vintage vocals. The addition of Australia's mesmerizing didgeridoo has helped Spare Change Trio create a genre-bending sound. The band, thrilled to have played their 100th gig in venues such as Summerfest and Milwaukee's own Miller Park, is truly grateful to jam at Lindey's on Beulah and Jackson's Blue Ribbon Pub where you can find them regularly entertaining their hometown crowd.

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